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Introduction of physical Examination Center
      The physical examination center of Sinan County People's Hospital is a professional health examination institution integrating health examination, health guidance and health education。Relying on the talents, technology and equipment of Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, and adhering to the health concept of "health is priceless, prevention is the first", the center strives to build the first health examination brand in the province and provide high-quality, efficient and convenient health care services for medical examination customers。
      Comprehensive and fast "one-stop" service
      The physical examination center will collect internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, ENT, electrocardiogram, B-ultrasound, lung function, bone density, biochemistry, blood routine, tumor markers and other examinations in one place, so that the physical examination is more convenient and faster, and the conclusion of the physical examination will be issued within seven working days after the physical examination。
      Professional and authoritative medical examination report
      The physical examination center has a total of 26 people, including 5 chief physicians, 1 deputy chief physician, 3 attending physicians, 4 health managers, 1 deputy chief nurse, 4 supervisor nurses and 2 nurses。At the end of the physical examination, the attending physician above shall issue a professional and authoritative physical examination report for the client, and provide targeted health care and treatment plans for the client with abnormal physical examination results for reference。
      Tailor-made "Checkup Package"
      Physical examination center for different groups of people, different ages, different jobs, different needs of all levels of society to provide all kinds of tailored "physical examination packages"。Group physical examination can also design their own physical examination items according to their own needs。
      Private, personalized health records
      The physical examination center provides each client with a sealed physical examination report and establishes a "personal health file" free of charge, which facilitates the comparison of annual physical examination results and the formulation of reasonable health management plans。
      Health management
      On the basis of health records, the center will further provide personalized health information management, that is, individual health management system, for patients with high health needs, and provide scientific information management and health security consulting services for everyone's diet, exercise, psychology, disease prevention and even diagnosis and treatment。
      Warm and thoughtful complimentary breakfast
      The medical examination center will provide the group with a well-prepared nutritious breakfast free of charge, so that the patients can get energy supplement in time。