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Introduction to spinal surgery

Sinan County People's Hospital spinal surgery, was founded in2015年7月。Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital Orthopedics Specialty alliance unit, wound repair specialty alliance unit Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, Tongren City key specialty。At present, there are 3 deputy chief physicians, 1 attending physician and 7 resident physicians;There are 1 deputy chief nurse, 3 supervisor nurses, 7 nurses, 3 nurses, and 55 open beds。

Advanced equipment: the department has existing orthopaedic traction operating bed, intraoperative digitalC arm and G arm, imported visual foraminoscope and under the mirror dynamic system, imported ultrasonic bone knife and high-speed drill special orthopedic dynamic system, hand surgery microscope, infrared therapy instrument and other modern advanced orthopedic rehabilitation treatment equipment。

The scope of diagnosis and treatment: all spinal cord injuries, various injuries of limbs, wounds and bone infections, bone tumors;Neck, shoulder and leg pain (cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, etc.);Tuberculosis of bone and joint;Osteoporosis;Acute and chronic wound repair (bedsores, diabetic feet, scars, various infected wounds, etc.);Hand microvascular surgery;Spinal and limb deformity and other disorders。

Performing technique: Performing surgery for total spinal cord injury (fracture and dislocation),Excision of vertebral intraspinal tumor,Minimally invasive posterior percutaneous pedicle screw system internal fixation for thoracic and lumbar fractures,Percutaneous foraminoscopic lumbar disc removal and spinal canal enlargement decompression,Open lumbar disc nucleus pulposus removal Interbody fusion internal fixation (TLIF, PLIF),Removal of focal tuberculosis of the spine,Percutaneous vertebroplasty for senile osteoporotic vertebral fractures (PKP, PVP),Lid decompression for thoracic stenosis,Anterior cervical subtotal vertebrotomy decompression fusion (ACCF),Anterior cervical discectomy decompressive Fusion (ACDF),Posterior cervical open-door laminoplasty and fusion internal fixation,Various degree of bedsore and acute and chronic wound skin flap repair,Arteriovenous fistula in patients with renal failure,Replantation of severed finger,And various surgeries for traumatic fractures of the extremities,And the first to carry out artificial shoulder joint replacement in Tongren city,The technology of foraminoscopy, minimally invasive treatment of bone trauma and surgical treatment of bone tumor are advanced in the city。The painless ward was gradually developed, and the concept of rapid rehabilitation (ERAS) was carried out throughout the clinic。

Academic research: cumulative output of academic papersMore than 50 articles, 1 monograph, more than 20 national authorized patents, completed three municipal scientific research projects。

Department concept: health first, strong spine plastic bone, running happy life

Department nurse station telephone:0856-8961240

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