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Introduction to the Department of Critical Care Medicine

Sinan County People's HospitalCritical care medicine成立20116Department approved bed20 beds, 15 open beds。Existing physician8人One of the deputy chief physiciansOne, three attending physicians, four resident physicians。23 nursing staffWhich is in charge of the nurse5People, nurses12Name, Nurse7名。Doctor bed ratio0.8:1, bed to bed ratio 2.4:1Average hospitalized patients10人Around, has now developed intoModern intensive care unit

Department ownershipDrager ventilator, Ean ventilatorPortable ventilator,prismafle Bedside Blood Evolution Therapy instrument, Visual portable bronchoscope, Fiberoptic bronchoscope, blood gas analyzer, L,床旁B超,Mobile X-ray machine,Electrocardioversion and defibrillation technology, pneumatic shock wave therapy instrument,Enteral nutrition pump, mobile shadowless lamp,Visual laryngoscope,Cardiopulmonary resuscitation apparatus,High flow non-invasive respiratory heating and humidifying oxygen therapy machine,Multifunctional ECG monitor,Oscillating sputum discharge apparatus,Flash-stimulated visual evoked potential + noninvasive intracranial pressure monitoring + transcranial ultrasound Doppler,picco monitor先进医疗设备符合ICURequirement of construction。

The current technologies are:Artificial airway building techniques (includingDifficult oral and nasal tracheal intubationEndotracheal intubation and rapid percutaneous dilation tracheotomy were performed under fiberoptic bronchoscope guidanceCricothyroid puncture),Various mechanical ventilation techniquesBedside respiratory mechanics monitoring technique for sustained subglottic aspirationArterial punctureArterial catheterizationInvasive arterial blood pressure monitoring techniques,The catheter was inserted through the peripheral central veinCVP monitoringSurgical, non-invasive and invasive arterial blood pressure monitoring, blood purification (including hemoperfusion,Plasma exchange, bilirubin adsorption, continuousHemodialysis and filtration)、Citric acid local anticoagulation techniqueAnd local and systemic anticoagulation technologySynchronous and asynchronous cardioversion, bronchofiberscopy and endoscopic therapy, thoracoabdominal puncture and closed thoracic drainage, bedside blood gas analysis, continuous intra-abdominal pressure monitoring, analgesic sedation and analgesic sedation monitoring, lumbar puncture, bedside ultrasound and assisted therapy, nutritional therapy, cardiopulmonary and brain resuscitation, basic life support, Advanced lifeSupport and post-resuscitation techniques, concussion expectoration techniques, limb barotherapy techniques, flash-stimulated visual evoked potential and non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring techniques, transcranial ultrasound Doppler (TULTRASOUND)TCD) technology, high flow non-invasive respiratory humidification technologyAdvanced technology同时Specializes in various shock, multiple organ dysfunction syndromes (MODS), multiple injuries, severe infections, severe acute pancreatitis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, refractory heart failure, severe arrhythmia, severe poisoning, various metabolic disease crises,Severe compound trauma,All kinds of large surgery after intensive care treatment。

High moral, fine, innovative, realistic, intensive care medicineFormed a more reasonable structure of professional and technical teamAt the same time临床、教学、科研And other aspects have also been developed, for critically ill patientsService capabilityGet further promotionThe department of Critical care Medicine is moving towards a new journey with a new attitude and vigor。

Department nurse station telephone:0856-8961312

Department doctor's office phone:0856-8961222