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Introduction to Infectious Diseases

The Infection Department of Sinan County People's Hospital was established on February 25, 2009. It is a professional first-level department focusing on the diagnosis, treatment, teaching and scientific research of infectious diseases。In October 2019, it moved into the new courtyard of Changshu Avenue, Economic Development Zone,Department environment and equipment have been improved,The infected building covers 4500 square meters,The first floor of 1500 square meters is a separate fever clinic,The second, third and fourth floors are for inpatient wards,The department has fever clinic, intestinal clinic, AIDS clinic, tuberculosis clinic, infection clinic, liver disease clinic,The inpatient ward currently has five treatment groups and three sub-wards,They are AIDS specialist treatment group, tuberculosis specialist treatment group, liver specialist treatment group, febrile disease treatment group, infantile infectious disease treatment group respiratory tract infection ward, digestive tract infection ward, comprehensive ward。

At present, the department has 11 physicians, 1 chief physician, 2 deputy chief physicians, 2 attending physicians, 3 senior residents, 3 junior residents, and 24 nurses, including 6 supervisors, 10 nurses and 8 nurses. The professional team composition and age echelon of the discipline backbone are reasonable。 In 2014, the department undertook one municipal scientific research, participated in 3 municipal scientific research, declared 2 municipal scientific research in 2016, and undertook 3 municipal scientific research in 2019. It is the key specialty of infectious diseases in Tongren City。

Transgenic treatment of viral hepatitis was carried out.Refractory ascites hyperconcentration reinfusion therapy;Artificial liver plasma replacement in patients with liver failure,Pleural biopsy,B-ultrasound combined with hepatocentesis, HBV mother-to-child blocking, glucocorticoids in patients with chronic and acute liver failure,And difficult liver disease, drug-resistant tuberculosis, fever of unknown cause and other diagnosis and treatment。

In 2014, the management of AIDS patients was transferred from the county CDC to our department for management and treatment, and tuberculosis patients were transferred from the CDC to our department for management and treatment at the end of 2017。The department is equipped with independent imaging, inspection and other auxiliary inspection systems,We have Weili brand artificial liver system, Weili brand ascites return system, bed side B-ultrasound instrument, invasive ventilator,Non-invasive ventilator, puncture Bud gun, bronchoscope, cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine and various rescue equipment,Subject instruments and equipment can fully meet the needs of subject development,Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic,Our department has taken on the task of epidemic prevention and control and treatment for many times,Sinan County People's Hospital infectious disease treatment and prevention of the front line of the vanguard。

Department nurse station telephone:0856-8961325

Department doctor's office phone:0856-8961152