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Introduction to the emergency department

Sinan County People's Hospital in the emergency departmentFounded in 2004, after 2 years of development in January 2006 officially established, has become Sinan County critical critical rescue center。It is now composed of Sinan County Emergency rescue Dispatch Center, emergency medicine and emergency surgery。Available medical staff39People, among them doctors15Name, Nurse24Name, whereSenior title1Associate senior title1人Intermediate title7Man, open observation beds23Emergency room bedFour, five beds in the ICU

At present, the emergency department is mainly responsible for pre-hospital and in-hospital comprehensive first aid, emergency public health and emergency first aid。Emergency department medical staff can master the basic skills of operation,Able to handle common critical cases skillfully,Especially in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, various poisonings (especially pesticide and accidental poisoning), upper gastrointestinal bleeding, acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, acute heart failure, hypertension emergency, disturbance of consciousness, severe trauma rescue has a successful experience,Salvage success rate98%以上。

Emergency department existing rescue room1 room, 1 emergency care unit,Emergency operating room1间、Emergency infusion hall, emergency创室1间、Emergency gastric lavage room1间、Open for observation and hospitalization6间。Have an ambulance6Ambulances with negative pressure1台有创ventilator / respirator1台、A non-invasive ventilator3台、defibrillator3台、Cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine1 set, 1 blood gas analyzer, 2 immunoquantitative analyzer,Stomach pump3Table, tracheal intubation box2Sleeve, electric suction device4, electrocardiogram machine4Table, ECG monitor11Taiwan and other advanced first aid equipment and instruments, implementation24-hour emergency and first-aid services, facing the community to undertake all kinds of sudden accident injuries, traffic accidents and all kinds of trauma first aid, all kinds of chemical poisoning and other pre-hospital emergency rescue work。For critical patients and"Patients opened a "green channel" to achieve humanized reception and treatment。

Emergency culture:"Urgent" is the needs of patients, "fine" is our pursuit: we are the fastest, most convenient and best service to meet the requirements of patients "urgent" needs, so that patients are satisfied, so that society is satisfied is our eternal pursuit

Doctor's office phone:0856—8961036

Nurse's office phone:0856—8961057

Emergency rescue room telephone:0856-8961028