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Introduction to general surgery

General surgeryEstablished in 1999,It is the first batch of key specialties in Tongren City and is under construction as a national key specialty.Go by22 years of development,Approved bed53Zhang, actually open bed72Chang, there are paramedics28People, among them chief physician2人,Deputy chief physician1人,Attending physician4People, residents3Man, head nurse7,护师10People, nurses1postgraduate1人。Number of inpatients per year3More than 000 people。目前科内拥有STORSHd laparoscope,蛇牌3D laparoscopy,Johnson ultrasonic knife, Olympus electronic choledochoscope and other important equipment, and it is widely used in general surgery, thoracic surgery and other fields。

Treatment of diseases: general surgery, thoracic surgery, a variety of common, multiple diseases and some difficult diseases;

开展手术The main ones are: laparoscopic radical resection of colorectal tumors,Laparoscopic radical gastrectomy,Laparoscopic splenectomy, laparoscopic repair of gastrointestinal perforation, laparoscopic choledochotomy and exploration of choledocholithotomyT-tube drainage,Single hole laparoscopic high ligation of pediatric hernia, laparoscopic total extraperitoneal hernia repair (TEP), laparoscopic extraperitoneal hernia repair (TAPP),Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic appendectomy, radical thyroidectomy, breast cancer改良Radical operation,Minimally invasive gyrotomy of breast masses,Thoracoscopic bulla resection,Thoracoscopic exploration, thoracoscopic rib fracture reduction and internal fixation,Exploratory thoracotomy, open reduction and internal fixation of rib fracture, etcA series of general surgery, chest surgery common operationsAmong them, laparoscopic radical resection of colorectal cancer, laparoscopic radical resection of gastric cancer and thoracoscopic reduction and internal fixation of rib fracture are at the advanced level in the city。

Since the establishment of the discipline, various specialized technologies have been routinely carried outMore than a dozenNew technology, can meet the development of the discipline;Publish a paper数十篇。

Now our department is training in the hospital with the strong support of the leaders of the hospitalUnder the guidance of "Service for honesty, thick virtue and fine medicine",In the spirit of "practicing medicine is moral first,Service to honesty "viewpoint,Patient-centered,The primary purpose is to relieve patients' pain and reduce their economic burden,Strive to strengthen their business level,Improve service quality,In order to meet the needs of the broad masses of the county,To achieve a higher level of diagnosis and treatment。

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