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Introduction to Ophthalmic otolaryngology

Sinan County People's Hospital Eye, ear, nose and throat Department建于On October 1, 2001, it was independently established in the Ent Department of the former outpatient department。Set clinical, teaching, scientific research, prevention in one, for the tertiary general hospital eye ear noseLaryngeal diagnosis and treatment center, one of the first through Tongren City key construction disciplines, department annual outpatient about2Ten thousand people, about hospitalization2000 people, about 1000 operations, in recent years, the department has been with陆军University Affiliated Southwest Hospital, Guizhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital, ZunyiMedical universityThe affiliated hospital and many other hospitals inside and outside the province have established matching support and help, and the business of the department has been developed by leaps and bounds, the brand has been created, and the remarkable social effect has been produced。

Department establishment bed52Zhang, actually open bed52张,现There are medical personnel.21人,其中clinician9Man, chief physician1人,Deputy chief physician2人;Nursing staff12The person in charge of the nurse5人。The department is equipped with high-definition sinus endoscopes, ENT microdynamic surgery system,Olympus ElectronicsRhinolaryngoscope,Carl Stoss full HD surgical management system, support laryngoscope,Pure tone audiometer, acoustic immittance test instrument, otoacoustic emission test instrument, brainstem evoked potential test instrument, Bonshi PlasmaTherapeutic instruments, Carl Zeiss HD operating microscope, Swiss Optix Cataract phacoemulsification surgery system, Carl ZeissOCT and fundus camera system, imported automatic non-contact intraocular pressure detector, automatic optometer, ophthalmic A/B ultrasound, etc

Department year roundCataract, fundus disease, corneal disease, eye traumaMyopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, children's eye disease, medical optometry, professional ophthalmic medical care programsStandardized diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, acute and chronic pharyngitis, vocal cord polyps (or nodules), children's snoring, tonsil adenoid hypertrophy, and standardized diagnosis and treatment of diseases with hearing impairment。

The department performed the following operations: internal and external eyelid inversion correction, ptosis correction, ophthalmoplasty, pterygium excision, cataract phacoemulsification combined with intraocular lens implantation, retrograde lacrimal duct catheterization, prosthesis implantation。Nasal septum correction, nasal endoscopic dacryocystotomy, auricular pseudocyst extraction, preauricular fistula extraction,Tympanic tube insertion and tympanic membrane repair,Functional endoscopic sinus surgery,microscopeResection of vocal cord polyps (or nodules) under support laryngoscope,Laryngeal benign tumor resection, low temperature plasma radiofrequency ablation of tonsils and adenoids, hypertrophic rhinitis and turbinate ablation, electronic nasopharynxLaryngoscopy treatment techniques,normativeAudiological examination, etc

In the new situation, our department is facing the opportunities and challenges of the medical development era。Will inheritThick de fine medicine, service is sincere”的The spirit of the school's discipline, in the school's party committee andThe correct leadership of the house leadersTo meet competition and challenges with innovation and upgrading,Work hard for the people's health。

Department nurse station telephone:0856-8961302

Department doctor's office phone:0856-8961001