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Introduction to price Department
1.Manage the medical services and drug prices of medical institutions and measure the cost of medical services。
2.Participate in the fee licensing review before the purchase of medical equipment and medical consumables, as well as new technologies and new therapies before entering medical institutions。
3.To guide the clinical and medical technical departments to correctly implement the pharmaceutical price policy, and supervise and inspect the implementation of each department。
4.Strictly implement the pharmaceutical price policies and regulations, review the prices of medical service items, drug prices and medical consumables prices, and timely adjust the price management system and price charging standards according to the changes of the government's pharmaceutical price policies。
5.The price department inspects the cost of outpatient (urgent) diagnosis and hospitalization, and supervises the results and feeds back to the department, and corrects the behavior of irregular charging in time。
6.To declare and record new medical service price items in medical institutions。
Seven.Publicize the prices of medical service items, drugs and medical consumables, and adjust the publicity in a timely manner when the price of medicine changes。
8.Receive medical price consultation, deal with medical price complaints。
9.Conduct price policy (business) guidance and training for part-time price management personnel。
    10.Assist superior departments to carry out pharmaceutical price inspection。
11.To complete the cost investigation and statistics of various medical service projects assigned by superior departments to provide a real and reliable basis for adjusting the price policy of medical service。