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Introduction to Science and Education
     1.Under the leadership of the dean, he is specifically responsible for the implementation of the teaching, scientific research, training and further teaching of the whole school。
     2.Formulate teaching and scientific research plans, after approval by the dean and the vice president in charge, organize the implementation, supervise and check, and summarize on time。
     3.Go deep into each teaching and research office, research office (institute) and research group to understand, check and supervise the implementation of teaching and research plans, and guide the teaching and research management and constantly improve the work。
     4.Responsible for the specific arrangement of on-the-job staff continuing education, study, part-time study, professional training and other work, responsible for the arrangement of lower-level hospital training staff work and study, and do a good job assessment。
     5.Responsible for the arrangement and inspection of clinical theory courses, internship and internship teaching in the medical school (school), and carefully complete the identification work。
     6.Responsible for organizing all kinds of academic activities, and responsible for the approval and management of the academic activities of the staff。