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Introduction of Equipment Section
      1.All instruments and equipment required for medical treatment, teaching and scientific research shall be uniformly declared, purchased, deployed, supplied, managed and maintained by the Equipment Department。Diagnosis and treatment equipment with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine should be purchased first。
      2.According to the application plan and reserve status of each department, the procurement plan shall be prepared and submitted to the college council for collective study and approval before implementation。
      3.All instruments and sanitary materials purchased must go through strict procedures for entering and exiting the warehouse。
      4.The valuable instruments at home and abroad purchased or transferred should be accepted by the hospital leaders and relevant personnel in a timely manner, and then put into the warehouse account card, establish the instrument technical files, and formulate the collection, use and management measures with the relevant departments。If problems are found, contact the relevant departments in time and handle them according to regulations (including handling claims).。
      5.The equipment warehouse shall be classified and kept according to the nature of the equipment, so that the accounts are consistent。The warehouse should pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof, keep dry and clean, and prevent damage and loss。
      6.Special persons should be designated for the collection and storage of various medical equipment, and valuable instruments should be used by special persons。Service for the whole hospital, give full play to the efficiency of the use of instruments, regular maintenance。
      7.All kinds of equipment that have lost their effectiveness shall go through the scrapping procedures in accordance with the regulations。The scrapping, reporting of damage, changing of price and transfer of valuable instruments shall be approved by the competent authorities at a higher level。
      8.Each section needs to repair the instrument, should fill in the repair application form, sent to the medical equipment section, maintenance personnel should organize maintenance in a timely manner。If there is any difficulty, the deadline should also be stated。Maintenance personnel should often go into the department for maintenance。