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Party Committee Office introduction
      1.Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the hospital, it is responsible for the publicity of the Party and the state's line, guidelines, policies and situation education, publicity of major resolutions of the Party Committee, providing spiritual motivation and ideological guarantee for the reform and development of the hospital, and creating a good public opinion environment。 
      2.To be responsible for the daily work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and perform the functions of "supervision, education, punishment and protection"。Accept reports and charges against Party organizations and Party members for violating Party discipline, accept appeals from Party organizations and Party members for refusing to accept Party discipline sanctions, and protect the democratic rights of Party members from infringement;Accept cases involving violations of the Party Constitution and other rules and regulations by Party organizations and Party members, and decide or cancel sanctions against Party organizations and Party members in such cases; 
      3.We will specifically organize and implement the construction of Party style and clean government and carry out education on Party style and Party discipline and clean government, formulate work plans for the construction of Party style and clean government, and implement the responsibility system for the construction of Party style and clean government。   
      4.Organize and arrange party committees, party members' meetings, Party committee expansion meetings and other important meetings held by party committees,To master, coordinate and urge each party branch and each department to implement the situation and process of the Party committee's resolutions,Do a good job in developing party members and collecting party fees,Organization, relationship transfer and other routine work,To supervise and inspect the implementation of the Party building work system。 
     5.To be responsible for the drafting of documents issued by the Party, work reports, plans and summaries of the Party committees of the organs, the sorting out, issuance and notification of resolutions, and supervise and inspect the implementation。 
     6.Responsible for the implementation of the recommendation, inspection, assessment, training, selection, appointment and removal and management of the director of the business department and head nurse;Implement the recommendation, assessment, training and management of chief and deputy section heads of functional departments;To assist the Party Committee of the Hospital to do a good job in ideological and political work of middle-level cadres。 
     Seven.Responsible for the daily management of external publicity of the hospital, urge and coordinate relevant departments to review, collect, report and feedback information。 
     8.Responsible for the united front of the Party committee of the Institute and the coordination of intellectuals, and the implementation of retired and deputy department level and above retired veteran cadres。 
     9.To undertake the daily work of spiritual civilization construction, to coordinate the work of trade unions and the Communist Youth League。 
    10.We will do our daily work to comprehensively control public order。   
    11.Strictly manage and correctly use Party committee seals。  
    12.To undertake other tasks assigned by the Party Committee