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School office profile
      1.Under the leadership of the president, he is responsible for the administration of the whole college。
      2.Arrange various administrative meetings, make meeting minutes, take charge of the work plan and work summary of the general hospital, draft relevant documents, and supervise their implementation。
     3.To be responsible for leading the receiving and registration of administrative documents, forwarding and circulating, filing, storage and utilization of documents。
     4.Responsible for coordinating the work of various functional departments, and reviewing various report documents issued by various functional departments in the name of the hospital, and strive to make the text smooth and in line with the document specifications。
     5.Often go deep into the department, understand and collect the opinions and suggestions of the staff and patients on the hospital, and timely reflect to the leadership in order to improve the work。
     6.Responsible for the political business study of the staff of the office, leading the relevant staff to do a good job in text propaganda, seal, typing, field work, communication, public letters, visit processing, visiting and reception of foreign guests。
     Seven.Be responsible for other work temporarily assigned by the dean。