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Introduction to Pharmacy
1.Under the leadership of the Dean, he is responsible for the medical, teaching, scientific research and administrative management of the undergraduate department。
2.Formulate the development goals, plans, work plans and implementation plans of the department, organize the implementation after approval by the dean, supervise and inspect frequently, and summarize and report on time。
3.To formulate drug purchase plan and new drug introduced varieties, and organize implementation after discussion and approval by Pharmaceutical Affairs Committee。
4.Grasp the academic trends at home and abroad, timely organize undergraduate personnel to learn, and actively develop new technologies and new businesses;Strive to improve the quality of service。
5.Supervise and inspect the use and management of toxic, anesthetic, limited drama and valuable drugs, as well as drug inspection and appraisal work, lead the undergraduate staff to earnestly implement the rules and regulations and technical operating procedures to ensure safety, strictly prevent and timely correct handling of errors。
6.Often go deep into the department, ask for advice, active supply。When it is known that there are critically ill patients to rescue, organize personnel to actively participate in and actively cooperate。
Seven.Lead undergraduate personnel to conduct professional learning, conduct technical assessment, and propose specific suggestions for promotion, adjustment, award and punishment。
8.Supervise and inspect the use and management of drugs in all departments。
9.Organize the processing and preparation of Chinese herbal medicine and reform the dosage form, and carry out scientific research and technical innovation。
10.To organize and guide the production practice of pharmaceutical college students and the training and guidance of pharmaceutical staff in medical units。
11.Determine undergraduate staff rotation and duty arrangements。