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Complaints Office Brief
1.Responsible for the reception, investigation and handling of complaints about hospital practices;
2.Greet visitors warmly, record complaints in detail, and explain questions raised by visitors as well as possible。Investigate, verify and give feedback on complaints and disputes that cannot be handled at the moment;
3.Seriously receive telephone complaints, so that there are records, piles have feedback;
4.Carefully and carefully handle the complaints that are not within the scope of the function;
5.Responsible for the collation and collection of complaint materials and statements, regular statistics and analysis of complaints, timely reporting of communication information, to provide reference information for the management of trade style construction;
6.Responsible for summarizing and sorting out the hot and difficult issues reflected by the masses, and formulating corrective measures;
Seven.Strengthen the work connection and communication with the relevant business functional departments to ensure the smooth progress of complaints and investigations;
8.Do a good job of office fixed assets, office funds, staff attendance and other housekeeping management;
9.Complete other tasks assigned by the leader。