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Imaging Department

The Imaging Department was establishedIn the mid-1960s, for more than 50 years, it has developed into a modern medical imaging diagnosis and treatment center covering an area of more than 2000 square meters, fully equipped, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, with an annual inspection volume of more than 120,000 people。It now owns the ultra-high-end GE 3.0T magnetic resonance and 1.1 set of 5T magnetic resonance;One GE128-row, 64-row, 16-row CT;3 DR, 1 digital gastrointestinal machine, 1 mammography target machine, 1 panoramic dental film machine, GE mobile DR1 and other domestic advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment;The department has realized full digital office and management,The diagnostic report is illustrated,And the original images of CT, MRI, DR, digital mammography and other examinations can be carried by the patient in the form of electronic two-dimensional code,Convenient medical treatment, consultation。

Department ownership35 medical, technical and nursing personnel, including 5 senior professional titles;There were 8 people with intermediate titles and 22 people with other junior titles。

I always carry forwardThe hospital spirit of "thick virtue, fine medicine and sincere service",Insist on "patient-centered,Enthusiastic to serve the masses "for the purpose,Take "harmony and kindness" as the foundation of medical practitioners,Constantly improve the ideological and moral quality of medical staff,And regular staff continuing education,Carry out academic discussion and exchange activities,Improve the technical level of each business。

Our department attaches great importance to personnel training, the existing residential training and training personnel10 people;The department regularly carries out morning reading, difficult case discussion, small lectures, multidisciplinary joint reading and other forms,Continuous learning,Improve the level of business;Our hospital is the Sinan branch of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, the teaching hospital of Zunyi Medical University, and the provincial key hospital,Has trained more than 30 students, more than 300 interns;Focus on problem-oriented teaching,Advocate teaching and learning。

Imaging department to carry out the inspection items are

(1) OrdinaryX-ray examination:

1.Regular numbers for all parts of the bodyDR Radiography, oral radiography, mammography。

2.Intravenous pyelography, retrograde pyelography and digital gastrointestinal apparatus were performed.T tube angiography, hysterosalpingography, various digestive tract angiography, etc。

3.移动DR Takes bedside photographs。

(二)CT Room:

In addition to the routine routine scan and enhanced examination of the whole body, the whole body blood vessels can also be performedCTA, CTV examination, CTU of urinary system, CT perfusion, 3D reconstruction of bone and joint in various parts, coronary artery calcification analysis, triple chest pain and stroke one-stop scanning, gout nodule analysis, energy spectrum analysis, metal artifact removal and other special items。

(三)MRI Room:

In addition to the routine routine scan and enhanced examination of the whole body, it can also be carried outMRCP, MRS, DTI, nerve water imaging, vascular plaque imaging, cardiac MRI, whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging, prenatal fetal placenta examination and other special functional imaging。

Sinan County People's Hospital as a county remote imaging diagnosis center: currently serving the whole countyIn 30 township and community hospitals, more than 20,000 people have been diagnosed remotely in the past three years, truly realizing the purpose of sharing high-quality medical resources。

Department telephone:0856-8961069