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Introduction to the Department of Stomatology

With the development of the hospital for many years, the department of Stomatology has become a professional department of stomatology integrating medical treatment, restoration and dental care。The department now has an associate chief physician1, 2 attending physicians, 3 resident physicians, 2 nurses。My department has 3 people to Zunyi affiliated Stomatological hospital for further study, the future will continue to send people out for further study。Have a strong professional team and professional level, good medical ethics。

At present, our department has a comprehensive dental chair8 sets, implant machine, 1 laughing gas analgesic system, root canal measuring instrument, microendoscopy, periodontal therapy instrument, root canal machine expansion, 1 CBCT, 1 dental film machine。

In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of many common oral diseases such as endodontic diseases, periodontal diseases, oral surgery, oral prosthetics, orthodontics, and children's dentistry, the department of Stomatology has also carried out diagnosis and treatment technologies such as dental implants and dental minimally invasive restoration in recent years. The department disinfected instruments strictly in accordance with the disinfection mode required by the hospital。Our staff in line with all for patients, wholeheartedly for the purpose of serving patients, to create first-class quality first-class service as the goal, always adhering to the pragmatic, innovative and enterprising work style, dedicated to provide quality oral health care and diagnosis and treatment services for the majority of patients。

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