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Introduction to Pathology

Pathology is a discipline that studies the nature of diseases, the development and outcome of lesions. It is the final pathological diagnosis report obtained from human pathological tissues or cytological specimens submitted for clinical examination through a series of workflow, which is used as an important basis for clinical treatment of diseases, prognosis assessment and cause of death analysis。

The Department of Pathology of our hospital was officially establishedIn October 2010, with the strong support of the leaders of the hospital, the department developed rapidly, with a high level of hardware and soft strength, and undertook the task of pathological diagnosis in Sinan County and surrounding areas。

Personnel structureThe department has a total of medical staff10People, including the associate chief physician1 person, attending physician3People, residents1人、病理technician5人。Went to Taizhou Municipal Hospital, Zunyi Medical University,Guizhou Medical UniversityCompletion of further study or training。Published papers in national professional academic journals20余篇。

Hardware facilityExisting business occupancyMore than 800 square meters, with mail room, sample room, cell room, conventional technology room, immunohistochemistry room, archives room, consultation room, diagnosis room, study room and other business rooms, indoor light, disinfection and ventilation and other auxiliary facilities perfect。

Leica imported remote consultation system1套,A total of five Leica multi-head microscopes,1 automatic immunohistochemical dyeing machine,1 automatic dyeing and sealing machine,1 automatic DNA ploidy analyzer for cytology,HPVE6/E7mRNA detection and analysis system,Imported German Leica paraffin slicer 2 sets,Germany Leica frozen microtome 1 set,Automatic German Leica embedding machine 2 sets,1 fully automatic dehydrator,Three ophthalmology microscope 10 advanced equipment。

Conduct businessThe projects carried out include routine paraffin section, liquid based cytology examination of cervical thin layer, immunohistochemical staining diagnosis, intraoperative frozen section pathological diagnosis,Thyroid puncture cytology examination and diagnosis,Cytology of exfoliation of fluid in serous cavity and bronchial brush, cell block section staining, cervical cytologyHPVE6/E7mRNA detection, cytological DNA ploidy analysis, immunofluorescence staining diagnosis of reproductive tract pathogens, remote pathological consultation, circulating tumor cell detection and other projects。

Business objectivePeople satisfied, leaders assured, pathological diagnosisThe "gold Standard" gold is good for gold。

Department mail room telephone:0856-8961045

Department doctor's office phone:0856-8961293