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Establish a high line, build a strong defense line and strive to build a clean hospital -- Sinan County People's Hospital held a "clean hospital" construction work promotion meeting
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the construction of clean hospitals, promote the implementation of various tasks and measures for the construction of clean hospitals, promote the construction of clean hospitals to further achieve practical results, and help the high-quality development of hospitals。7月19日,Sinan County People's Hospital is in the conference room on the eighth floor of administration召开Clean hospitalConstruction work promotion meetingMembers of the party and government team of the hospital, middle-level cadres of the hospital, all party members, all supervisors and clinical medical skills科室Off-duty personnelAttend a meeting。Tian Xingwu, Party secretary of the hospitalComrade presiding。

会上,The person in charge of the relevant department made a speech on the construction of the clean department,The meeting conveyed the spirit of the county's clean and honest south construction and the Party's wind and clean government warning education conference,Sinan County to focus on Party members and cadres, public officials and their relatives and other specific related people illegal lending, illegal involvement in the project special rectification work plan, the spirit of the document and the spirit of the county's clean organ construction work promotion,并对Clean hospital constructionRelevant work has been arranged and deployed。

The construction of clean hospital is an effective carrier and powerful opportunity to improve the style of hospital, strengthen the construction of hospital and enhance the development quality of hospital。The meeting stressed that all departments should integrate the construction of clean hospitals into all aspects of the daily work of hospitals, Item by item, do a good job of implementation, so that the construction of clean hospitals can be effective, and constantly improve the people's sense of medical experience and medical access。In the construction of clean hospital, we should focus on the key parts, find the existing problems, put forward solutions, and constantly rectify and implement,In solving the problem, let the construction of clean hospital play a practical effect,And then promote the all-round high-quality development of the hospital,Constantly polish the hospital clean background,Cultivate the new spirit of the industry,Be the "guardian" of people's health。