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Tongren Medical Association Obstetrics and Gynecology branch of the first session of the second academic annual meeting was held in Sinan
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Author: Li Dayong
Managing Editor: Li Dayong
        From April 21 to 22, the first and second Academic Annual meeting of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Branch of Tongren Medical Association was held in Sinan Bailuzhou International Hotel。Liang Wentong, Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of Guizhou Medical Association,Tongren City Medical Association obstetrics and gynecology scientific branch chairman Lin Yuanjian,Sinan County people's government deputy county governor Huang Shijun,Tongren City maternal and child health care hospital vice president Yang Xiaohong,Sinan County Health Bureau Party secretary, director Huang Zhengquan,Sinan County People's Hospital President Chen Shaofa attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Lin Ping, vice president of Sinan County People's Hospital。
        At the opening ceremony, Huang Shijun, deputy head of Sinan County People's Government, extended a warm welcome to the leaders and experts。He said that in recent years, the Sinan County Party Committee and the county government have continuously deepened the reform of the hospital health system, seized the development of medical and health undertakings as well as education, and focused on the construction of the medical service system。The first second academic annual meeting of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Branch of Tongren Medical Association was held,It is an opportunity for us to further learn knowledge, learn from experience and improve our level,We will take this meeting as an opportunity,Carefully learn the expert's superb business, management experience, fine style,To improve the level of medical services in the county with a more pragmatic attitude,To make greater contributions to the health of the people of the county and the development of economy and society。
        Lin Yuanjian pointed out in his speech that the convening of the academic annual meeting has built a good platform for the academic and experience exchange between the clinical medical workers of obstetrics and gynecology in Tongren City and well-known experts。Through deep academic exchanges, we can not only promote the cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment technology and advanced clinical experience in obstetrics and gynecology, but also let us understand the advanced medical technology achievements and latest developments in obstetrics and gynecology。Thus promote the development of obstetrics and gynecology diagnosis and treatment technology,Improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment in obstetrics and gynecology,Gradually realize the standardization, scientific and quality of the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology diseases,Further promote the overall improvement of the level of obstetrics and gynecology diagnosis and treatment in Tongren area,And further improve the health level of women in Tongren area,It is of great significance to promote the development of the city's medical and health undertakings。
        Liang Wentong said in his speech that in recent years, the team of Tongren Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch has continued to grow, and more and more medical workers have made outstanding contributions to the benefit of the people and the life and health of the local people。The vigorous development of obstetrics and gynecology in Tongren City not only benefits from the attention of leaders at all levels to obstetrics and gynecology and the guidance of the development of the discipline, but also the crystallization of the hard work of colleagues in the city。On behalf of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Branch of Guizhou Medical Association, I congratulated the first session of the second academic annual meeting of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Branch of Tongren Medical Association。
       In recent years,Sinan County People's Hospital under the correct leadership of the county Party committee and the county government,Under the care and support of provincial, city and county health administrative departments,Always adhering to the purpose of "service is sincere, thick virtue and fine medicine",Carry forward "when you see the red flag,See the honor on the struggle spirit,Around the construction of first-class county hospitals in the province,Wujiang middle and lower reaches regional central hospital goal,In the technical level, discipline construction, personnel training, service concept and other aspects of work have made great progress。Sinan County People's Hospital president Chen Shaofa said in a speech。
       期间,Professor Lin Li, Beijing Friendship Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University,Wang Yun, chief physician of Suzhou Municipal Hospital,Professor Xiao Ziwen, Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University,Sun Lijun, chief physician of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College,Guiyang maternal and child health hospital chief physician Feng Yurong,Zunyi city maternal and child health hospital chief physician Xiao Yanbing,Tongren City People's Hospital chief physician Lin Yuanjian and other 15 senior titles of well-known obstetrics and gynecology experts,The academic lectures entitled "Embolic diseases in Pregnancy", "Management of twin pregnancy", "Treatment of complications during gynecological tumors", "Long-term Complications of uterine diverticulum", "Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding" and "Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of adenomyopathy" were given respectively,Combined with their own years of clinical experience,The latest research results and hot issues in their respective research fields are explained in a simple way,Their wonderful speeches won bursts of applause from the participants。Many delegates have said that the teachers' lectures are both "tall" and "down-to-earth", very practical, so that they have broadened their horizons, expanded their horizons, increased knowledge, answered questions, and benefited a lot。
        Through this meeting, it actively contributed to the contact and learning of the city's obstetrics and gynecology teachers, and established a long-term mechanism。While giving full play to the advantages of talents, technology, openness and integration of obstetrics and gynecology academic groups,Academic exchanges have also been strengthened,Active academic atmosphere,Enhance the academic, technical level and service ability of professionals,Thus led to the overall development of obstetrics and gynecology in the city,Enhance the ability and level of service for obstetrics and gynecology patients。
       Sponsored by Tongren Medical Association and hosted by Sinan County People's Hospital, the academic meeting is the highest level and specification of the city's obstetrics and gynecology academic conference。There were more than 300 people from the city's district and county people's hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, private hospitals and township health centers in Sinan County, Sinan County people's Hospital team members and mid-level cadres attended the meeting。