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Tongren newborn Recovery Training will be held in Sinan in 2020
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

September 24, 2020Tongren City newborn复苏培训Sinan County Wujiang HotelGuiyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Liu Ling, Director of Guizhou Newborn Quality Control Center,Zhou Mingjun, Director of the neonatology Department of Tongren People's Hospital,县卫Member of the leading Party Group, deputy局长Xiong YongmingJian Ling, member of the Party Committee of the County People's Hospital,County hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, maternal and child health care hospital and township hospitals of medical workersAnd neighboring counties related colleagues to attend the meeting会议County people's hospital party committee member Jian Ling主持。

Meeting, county guardMember of the leading Party Group, deputy局长Xiong Yongming welcomed the arrival of the experts in his speech。He said the training will be held in SinanThis is a major event to promote the development of health and sanitation in our county.As wellIt is a great opportunity for us to learn knowledge, learn from experience and improve our level。We will go through this meeting,认真Learn the expert's superb business, management experience, good style, with a more pragmatic attitude to improve the county's medical service level, for the county's people's health and economic and social development to make greater contributions。

Zhou Mingjun, director of the neonatology department of Tongren People's Hospital, said maternal mortality and neonatal mortality are important indicators of a country's economic development and health level。He hopes that everyone will apply what they have learned to their own work practice through this training, and pay attention to their words and deeds, and strive to build a strong professional and technical team to better escort the health of women and children at the grassroots level in our city。

Guiyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital,Liu Ling, director of Guizhou Newborn Quality Control CenterIn his speech, he stated,The training conference was held in Tongren Citynewborn学术It is a good platform for workers to exchange academic knowledge and experience。Further promotion through deep academic exchangesNeonatal diagnosis and treatmentThe development of technology, improve the quality of service and further promote the whole Tongren areaNeonatal clinic serviceThe overall improvement of the level is of great significance for promoting the development of Tongren's medical and health undertakings。

期间,Guiyang maternal and child health care hospital刘玲、Pu Fang, Fu Yikang老师Guidelines for resuscitation of neonatal asphyxia in China2020 Edition, "Operation Training of Neonatal asphyxia Resuscitation Skills", "Potential Nursing Risks and Prevention of Neonatal Wards"launchedAcademic lectureThe expertsCombined with their own years of clinical experience in simple进行Explain, andThe skills were demonstrated,Their wonderful speeches won bursts of applause from the participants。