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踔厉 Strive to draw a blueprint and practice not idle New chapter -- the fourth fourth Staff Congress of Sinan County People's Hospital was held
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

Push forward another year, Chunhua and autumn fruit again fragrant。In order to give full play to the role of democratic management and democratic supervision of employee representatives, protect the legitimate rights and vital interests of employees, and constantly improve the hospital management mechanism。2月24日,思南County people's HospitalThe fourth session of the hospital was held in the conference room on the eighth floor of the administrationThe staff and workers' Congress。全院205正式Employee representative28Delegates attending7 Invited representativesAttend a meetingPlan for the future development of the hospital。

Cui Yongfa, member of the Party Group and Vice chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Tian Xingwu, Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,院长Deng ChongdiHospital leaderAn Shifa, Wang Jianyuan,Yang Xiaoqin,兰燕Yang WencongTake a seat on the rostrumAssembly by An Shi Fa同志主持。

上午9:00The conference opened with the solemn national anthem

会上,delegateListen carefullyexaminedDeputy Secretary of the Party Committee,院长Deng ChongdiComrade's work of One Heart Forge ahead in unity Make Unremitting Efforts to achieve a new leap"Sinan County people医院2022年度工作报告;Constitution of Sinan County People's HospitalSinan County People's HospitalReport on the implementation of the Budget 2022 and the draft budget 2023"Sinan County People's Hospital Industry style Management Regulations"Sinan County People's Hospital medical ethics evaluation program"Sinan County People's Hospital Personnel System Management Measures"Revision Measures for Medical Care Quality Management of Sinan County People's HospitalSinan County People's Hospital performance distribution修订方案》Revision (draft)The vote was unanimous。

Under the overall arrangement of the General Conference, the delegates分组进行讨论The atmosphere of the group was warm, and the representatives with a high sense of responsibility and mission,Conscientiously perform their duties,Close to the "hospital work report" and other proposals to carry out heated discussions, actively contribute ideas, speak freely,Reflect the true aspirations and demands of employees,To discuss hospital development plans,Form a consensus,Further clarified医院Future goals and work ideas。

At the closing ceremony,Mr. Tian Xingwu, Secretary of the Party Committee, delivered the closing speech.For a long time to care for, help, guide the development of hospitals at all levels and departmentsAnd all the retired cadres, dear colleagues帮扶专家Express our heartfelt thanks,On behalf of the Party Committee of the hospital, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their hard work。He pointed out that the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the academy,院长Deng ChongdiWhat comrades doPeople of Sinan County医院2022年度工作报告》,Inspiring, motivating, not just objective and comprehensive总结2022年度The achievements of the hospital, but also truthfully pointed out the existing problems, yes2023年的Work planAnd work objectives, put forward tasks and requirements, clear the hospital development of new goals。In this conference, the delegates put forward a lot of valuable proposals for the reform and development of hospitals意见This fully reflects the delegates' spirit of loving the hospital as home。Hope, all the staff of the hospitalWe should take this conference as an opportunity to earnestly implement the spirit of the conference, have the courage to face new challenges and competition, and be down-to-earthDo your job,Unity and hard work,Forge ahead, innovate, and strive for the full completion of the work tasks determined by the meeting奋斗。

The one-day meeting successfully completed all the agenda,The delegates said,This is a meeting of unity and forging ahead,It is a conference to increase confidence, clear direction, encourage energy and raise spirit,The new blueprint is inspiring,The prospect of the new journey is great!As employee representative,Be sure to take the lead in learning and understand the spirit,We should further unify our thinking and strengthen our confidence,Turn the enthusiasm for participating in political discussions into a vigorous endeavor,Practical actions to overcome difficulties,For the high-quality development of the hospital and the county's health cause to make new contributions!