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Sinan County People's Hospital carried out a safety inspection before the holiday
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

June 19, SinanCounty people's Hospital Party secretaryTian Xingwu, Party committee member Leng Yafei带领相关Functional department head to carry outSafe production before the festivalGreat hidden danger排查

Secretary of the Party Committee of the HospitalTian Xingwu and his party respectively carried out special safety checks on key facilities and hidden safety risks such as drainage facilities, power distribution routes, steep slopes and high walls in the flood season in the hospital, and resolutely eliminated hidden safety risks in the bud。

Secretary of the Party CommitteeTian Xingwu stressed that safety in production and alarm bells ringing。We should attach great importance to the work of production safety, strictly implement the responsibility of the post, and always keep the responsibility of production safety in mind。It is necessary to strengthen the inspection and removal of safety hazards, strengthen the safety precautions of important infrastructure, and grasp the detailed waterlogging prevention measures in response to rainstorm weather, and investigate every hidden dangerTo achieve full coverage and no dead corners。The hidden dangers found should be comprehensively analyzed, carefully sorted out and established, timely and effective measures should be taken to properly deal with them, and a stable and safe medical environment should be provided for patients。