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Salute health guardian!Sinan County People's Hospital celebrated the sixth "Chinese Doctor's Day" praise conference held
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Author: Ren Dan
Managing Editor: Li Dayong

8月18On the afternoon of Sunday,Sinan CountyPeople's hospitalConference room on the eighth floor of the administrationCelebrate #Chinese Doctor's Day表扬大会。Secretary of the Party CommitteeTian Xingwu及院党政Team members, the whole hospital middle-level cadres、全体The doctor, not值班Physicians and honored personnelAttend a meetingThe conference is presided over by An Shifa, a member of the Party Committee and vice president of the hospital。

At the meeting, Vice President Yang Changjun led all medical workers to review the oath of doctors;Yang Xiaoqin, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the hospital, read out the commendation document。The representatives of "Top ten famous doctors", "Top ten backbone doctors", "Top ten young doctors" and "top ten teaching teachers" made speeches respectively。Subsequently, the Party and government teams of the hospital respectively awarded the commendation personnel。

Tian Xingwu, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, asked in his speech,All medical workers in the hospital should adhere to the noble concept of putting people first and life first,Cherish the medical profession,Remember the doctor's original heart,The mission of practicing medicine;To further enhance the professional level,Study medical specialty technology,Upgrade industry skills;It is necessary to strengthen the practice standards and self-discipline of doctors,Practice medicine with integrity,Abide by laws and regulations,Standardize diagnosis and treatment behavior。It is also hoped that all medical workers in the hospital will take this conference as a new starting point, not forgetting the original intention of doctors, bearing in mind the health mission, integrating personal development into the overall development of the hospital, constantly creating new achievements, striving to create a new situation, and boosting the high-quality development of the hospital。