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Sinan County People's Hospital introduction

       Sinan County People's Hospital is located in Changshu Avenue, Shuangtang Industrial Park, Sinan County. Founded in 1950, Sinan County People's Hospital has developed into a third-class B-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, prevention and first aid。It is the Sinan Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, the Sinan Branch of the Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical University, the teaching hospital of Zunyi Medical University, the assistant general practitioner training base of Guizhou Province, and the provincial key county hospital。
       The hospital has been successively connected with Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Capital Medical University, Peking University People's Hospital, Army Military Medical University (Third Military Medical University), West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Affiliated Hospital of Zunyi Medical College, Affiliated Hospital of Guizhou Medical University, Guizhou People's Hospital, Dongguan First Hospital Affiliated to Guangdong Medical University, Dongguan Chashan Hospital, Dongguan Hengli Hospital, and Dongguan TangxiaThe hospital, Changshu City First People's Hospital, Changshu City Second People's Hospital, Taizhou City Hospital of Zhejiang Province and other more than 10 hospitals have a friendly alliance。
       In 2011, it passed the evaluation of second-class A general hospital, in 2014, it passed the identification of third-class general hospital, and in 2016, it passed the evaluation of third-class B-class general hospital。It has won many honorary titles such as "National General Hospital TCM Work Demonstration Unit", "National energy-saving public Institution Demonstration Unit", "National Respect for the Elderly Civilization", "Provincial Civilized Unit" and "Provincial Factory Affairs Public Demonstration Unit"。In recent years, more than 8 provincial and municipal scientific research projects have been approved。
       At present, there are 1037 employees, including 946 health professionals and technical personnel, 91 administrative logistics personnel, 38 health professionals and technical personnel, 69 associate senior professional titles, 265 intermediate professional titles, 13 graduate students。There are 31 clinical departments, 9 medical technology departments and 18 administrative functional departments。There are 1 provincial key specialty (urology), 4 provincial key construction specialties, 12 municipal key specialties, and general surgery is included in the construction project of national clinical key specialties cultivated at the municipal level。
       At present, medical services cover nearly 1.2 million people。The hospital area covers an area of 350 mu. The first phase of the hospital is a green energy-saving hospital integrating intelligence, modernization and digitalization according to the standard construction of the third class A general hospital, with a total construction area of 11.60,000 square meters。The second phase is a health care center project integrating dialysis, rehabilitation, elderly care and nursing care, with a planned and designed construction area of about 80,000 square meters。
       Now has linear accelerator, 3.0T magnetic resonance, 1.5T silent magnetic resonance, 128-row CT, 64-row CT, DSA, hemodialysis instrument, automatic biochemical immune line, blood cell analysis line, ABI7500 fluorescence quantitative PCR amplification instrument, digital panoramic and skull imaging system, 3D laparoscopy and other values are about 3.500 million yuan domestic and foreign large-scale advanced medical equipment。The application level of electronic medical records has reached level 4, and is being upgraded to level 5, and information management has been realized。
       The hospital has always adhered to the strategy of "strengthening the hospital with talents, revitalizing the hospital with science and technology, and establishing the hospital with quality", paid attention to cultural construction, and rapidly improved the technical level。Cardio-cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular interventional operations have been carried out,Hip and knee replacement,Arthroscopic surgery,Neck, chest, lumbar complex surgery,Bronchoscopic routine examination and endoscopic treatment,Percutaneous tracheotomy, bronchoscopy-guided tracheal intubation, Continuous blood Purification (CRRT),More than 80% of the traditional open surgery in the general surgery department can be completed by endoscopic surgery,Proficient in laparoscopic radical resection of colon cancer and rectal cancer,Urology can perform electroprostatectomy, percutaneous nephroscopy, retroperitoneal endoscopy and other operations,The neurosurgery department has developed a personalized treatment plan for hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage,Reduced mortality and disability rates。Every year, the third and fourth level operations account for about 40% of the total annual operation volume of the hospital。
       Sinan County People's Hospital will always uphold the "thick virtue fine medicine..Service is sincere "school motto,Take public hospital reform as the direction,Build up culture to unite people,Standard management of tertiary general hospital is the general working idea,Strengthen hospital connotation construction,Strive to build the hospital into a first-class county-level central hospital in the province,Strive to create a third class A general hospital during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period。Centering on the development goal, the hospital always regards the satisfaction of the people as the highest service purpose, constantly improves the service ability and core competitiveness, and continuously promotes the rapid, healthy and stable development of the hospital。(Updated in October 2023)