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Jian Xulong

职       称:Deputy chief physician
职       务:Deputy Director, Department of Critical Care Medicine

Areas of expertise:Good at all kinds of acute, reversible, already life-threatening organ dysfunction, as well as a variety of shock, failure and other critical patients rescue, monitoring and treatment。

Jian Xulong, Deputy chief physician, Deputy Director of Critical Care Department of Sinan County People's Hospital。Graduated from the Clinical Medicine Department of Zunyi Medical University in July 2008, and has been engaged in clinical medical work since graduation. Since May 2011, she has been engaged in the rescue and treatment of critically ill patients。In 2013, he participated in the national training of key doctors in critical care medicine, and took the lead in carrying out bedside percutaneous tracheotomy and continuous blood purification of local citric acid anticoagulant treatment technology in the city after returning to hospital。In 2014, I received bronchoscopy training in Zunyi Medical University. After returning to the hospital, I carried out bedside bronchoscopy and some bronchoscopic treatment techniques。In 2014, he participated in the national intensive medicine specialty qualification training and obtained the "5C" certificate. In 2016, he won the third prize in the County Emergency Skills and Knowledge Competition。In 2018, he won the third prize of Tongren Health Professional and Technical Personnel Skills Competition。In 2018, during the study in the Provincial People's Hospital, he was praised by the department leaders, superior doctors, patients and their families, and was nominated by the Jinqi。In 2018, two papers were published and one scientific research project was declared。In 2019, it won the second prize of Tongren City Emergency Training Skills Competition for critically ill pregnant women and newborns。In 2019, it won the second prize of Tongren City Emergency training group for critically ill pregnant women and newborns。Through years of professional knowledge learning and skills training, business ability has been continuously improved。In 2019, he was awarded the honorary title of "The most beautiful Sinan People" by the Sinan County Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee。Awarded as "Excellent Health Worker" by Sinan County Health Bureau in 2020。