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职       称:Chief physician
职       务:Head of respiratory and critical care Medicine

Areas of expertise:Main research directions: chronic respiratory disease management, treatment of critically ill patients with respiratory disease, bronchial intervention, CT-guided puncture biopsy, etc。In the work, he has accumulated rich clinical experience, published more than 10 papers as the first author, and published a "Modern Internal Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment" as the first chief editor;3 utility model patents, 2 new technology promotion。

安宇,He graduated from Zunyi Medical University of Guizhou Province with a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine in 1999。He is currently the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Sinan County People's Hospital of Guizhou Province主任。He has been engaged in internal medicine clinical, teaching, scientific research and management for more than 20 years,Have relatively high attainments in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases;Have a wealth of clinical experience,Be able to organize, guide, rescue and treat critically ill patients skillfully and correctly,Can solve complex and difficult cases and technical problems;Be able to grasp new professional knowledge and new ideas in time,Clinical application。Have the basic qualities of organization, coordination, interpersonal communication and decision-making, and can properly solve the contradictions, conflicts and emergencies in the work, and have the comprehensive organization and management ability of the clinical work of this specialty。